Turning Millions
to Billions, Creatively

The 601w Companies


Telling the Story of Success

601W Companies – one of America’s leading private real estate acquisition, ownership, development and management portfolios, approached OffWhite to help with a branding challenge. Though successful at their core business, they faced a brand perception issue that was holding them back from unlocking their full potential. Using storytelling as a brand asset, OffWhite crafted messaging and a brand personality that helped 601W grow from a few hundred million to over $5 billion in assets under management in just a few years.


Branding & Identity

With high-net worth and institutional investors as their core target demographic, 601W needed a creative strategy that embodied their A-class real estate investment offering. Everything from typography selection, to paper selection, and creative treatments needed to reflect the premium 601W experience.

OffWhite Design Client - The 601w Companies - Logomark Vertical

OffWhite Design Client - The 601w Companies - Logomark Horizontal

Shooting for the stars

Using specialized cameras we shoot the client’s prestigious skyscraper towers throughout the country. Each building requires expert scouting, metrologist consultants, and clever art direction to achieve the ultimate shot. OffWhite’s team has done daredevil quality shoots in helicopters, 50m ladders, and hanging off building rooftops for that perfect shot.

OffWhite Design Client - The 601w Companies - Property Highlights - Sale

OffWhite Design Client - The 601w Companies - Property Highlights - Return on Investment

Website Design & Production

The 601W website continues the premium brand experience and acts as an important sales tool, reaching to both investors and partners alike.

Simplifying the Complex

OffWhite developed simple icons and graphic elements to give investors quick info on each building’s highlights.

“Our brand has grown significantly since partnering with OffWhite’s very creative team”

– Harry Skydell, Managing Partner

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