About us

We challenge the expected for meaningful results

Companies come to OffWhite Co with an idea or product. We’ve been fortunate to mold them into name-brand powerhouses providing innovative thinking to reach their next milestone. Our talent lies in strong creative – rooted in logic, facts and magic – on top of our flexible collaboration style, which has made us a trusted partner to our clients for almost two decades.

How we do it

Thinking About Your Brand, Holistically.

  • strategy

    Using consumer and industry insights, we offer our expertise in finding white space opportunities within your industry to shape your brand’s unique positioning and voice.
    • Creative Audit
    • Research
    • Positioning
  • innovation

    Using our strategic insights, we help craft and define your product offering or unique selling proposition.
    • Physical Design
    • Packaging Innovation
    • Technology
  • product

    Together we work closely to prototype and design your product offering.
    • Products
    • Web
    • Services
  • creation

    We don’t just hand you some creative ideas and wish you good luck. We always keep an eye on production systems, factory or vendor requirements, and technological implementation. No matter where in the world your production might be, we are willing and able to supervise, educate and insure that what you fell in love with in concept, is what the world sees in reality.
    • Sourcing
    • Manufacturing
    • Quality Control
  • amplification

    You might have a great product, spot on positioning, and a talent sales force, however without a sound go-to-market strategy, you’re speaking to yourself. Carrying the brand beyond product and packaging is critical to letting the world know you exist.
    • Go-to-market
    • Campaign
    • Activation

OffWhite Strategy

Let’s do something great together!