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Bye Bye Boring,
Hello Muuna

Muuna Cottage Cheese

Bye Bye Boring,
Hello Muuna

Muuna Cottage Cheese


The New Way to Cottage

Tnuva, a multi-billion dollar dairy company, approached OffWhite Co to assess the United States dairy landscape to launch something exciting for the US consumer.

A deep dive in qualitative and quantitative analysis, revealed that cottage cheese – a boring, declining category, been around forever, and mainly thought of as a diet food – was ripe for a reawakening and an opportunity for growth. 

Cottage Cheese… Really?

Our qualitative studies confirmed that Muuna’s super cream-absorbing curd, affirming consistent consumer feedback that “Creamy” mouthfeel was our reason to believe.  Creamy positioning became the platform we built our integrated messaging, naming, logomark, packaging, digital, TV commercial and overall creative on.

Naming & Identity, and Brand Assets

Muuna is a new word – just as the product is a reinvented version of cottage cheese. We needed a brand name that evoked creaminess, was unconventional, unique and premium. By using curvilinear smooth shapes for the logotype we convey these creamy brand attributes. We carried this creamy feel to all collateral materials using wavy patterns and shapes.


OffWhite’s talented creative team beautifully crafted a patented cup shape, designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand – for an ergonomically pleasing experience. We worked closely with plastics mold makers to not only have a beautiful cup sculpted like a work of art, but functional for the required manufacturing process. The premium label and foil design features the cottage cheese and flavors prominently showing off Muuna’s ridiculously creamy selling proposition.


Naming & identity
Brand messaging & assets
Industrial container design
Shrink label design
Foil / lid design
Food photography and styling
Vendor management, Press supervision

Marketing Muuna

To help support the strong branding and packaging, OffWhite developed a marketing strategy that included PR, social media and launch TV SuperBowl commercial. As a full solution, we support the sales team, and various marketing needs, including FSI, OOH campaigns, advertisements, and collateral materials. 

Muuna Website

From the small screen to the big screen, the new Muuna website adapts to its users needs.

“OffWhite is to creative genius as Muuna is to cottage cheese, ridiculously awesome!”

– Gerard Meyer, CEO


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