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Cultivating the
Grassfed Market

Maple Hill Creamery

Cultivating the 100%
Organic Grassfed landscape

Maple Hill : Grassfed Organic


The New Look of 100% Organic Grassfed Dairy

Maple Hill Creamery, the leader in 100% Grassfed Organic dairy, approached OffWhite Co to help shape their messaging from being a niche player to speak to a broader audience.

The original positioning and packaging did not do justice to the quality of the product inside the cup. Our goal was to change consumers’ whole perception of the brand, and to be bold in our 100% grassfed dairy differentiation.

•  Strategy
•  Packaging
•  Branding & Identity
•  Environmental 
•  UX / UI, Web Design
•  Out of Home


Repositioning the Brand

While this growth is impressive, the dairy category is competitive. The original, handcrafted-looking original packaging didn’t resonate with conventional yogurt consumers at shelf.  In fact, based on the packaging, shoppers said they thought the yogurt would taste “boring”, “plain” or, “taste like grass.”  However, after these same people tasted Maple Hill’s yogurt, their opinions changed to, “oh, that’s really good”, “it tastes fresh, creamy, not too sweet” and “I love it.”

“We quickly realized we did not have a product issue, but we did have a packaging emergency,” said founding farmer and CEO Tim Joseph.  “We also learned that as a company we have to continually do more to educate people on what 100% grass-fed dairy means, and why it is better for the cows, consumers, the farmers and the land.”

Branding & Identity

Our first order of business was to simplify the Maple Hill Creamery name structure to a more snappy “Maple Hill”. Our next step was to cut down the “Cow Tree” art icon that had been in the family business from the start, and dominated all communication with no benefit to consumer education. With newfound space to work with all branding elements had more breathing room to focus consumers on product highlights and points of difference.

Flavor Iconography

To further the grass-fed messaging, we felt it important that the brand iconography language quickly read as “grass-fed” no matter what the flavor or environment the icon would live in. With the help of Maple Hill’s extremely knowledgeable team, we selected the proper grass elements, photographed each bland individually, then recomposed each grassbed composition into a nestle visually appetizing fruit or flavor accent. The resulting image is a striking, own able image that quickly identifies Maple Hill with quality grass-fed product.

Product Packaging

The inspiration for the packaging stems from the brand’s need to scream 100% grass-fed. We viewed the product as their on-shelf billboard to educate consumers about the brand’s value and pint of difference. The packaging system also had to work across many forms, structures, and product SKUs, including – kefir, drinkables, milk, blended yogurt, greek yogurt, cheese, cream on top yogurt. The result is a very unified branding program that allows for continued growth as Maple Hill continues to grow their product line up.

Creating A Unique Web Experience

The key focus of the website restaging was to focus on educating consumers with the difference grass-fed adds not only to your body, but to the lives of the farmers, cows, the environment. The website served as both a portfolio of products, as well as a platform for consumers to educate themselves with a wealth of information on grass-fed. Every elements was custom built, with a very robust CMS system to support constant updating needs.

“I can’t count how many times I’ve been approached with compliments on our rebranding, our customers, stores, and investors love everything OffWhite continues to create.”

– Tim Joseph, Founding Farmer

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