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Yeshiva University


Building Tomorrow, Today

Yeshiva University is a private liberal arts college and its associated graduate schools located in New York City. It has a rich, century-long history, but had suffered from static and circumspect messaging in recent years.

OffWhite’s team embarked on a series of projects to revitalize the university’s image. We built exciting donation and advertising campaigns, refreshed and streamlined disparate and dated logos and designed brochures and newspaper inserts to spread the school’s message to prospective students and employers alike. We also crafted a unique design language for the school’s commencement that was fun and future oriented – reflecting Yeshiva University graduates excited and equipped to become leaders in their fields across the professional world.

Day of Giving

YU hoped to raise $3M. We built a campaign to energize volunteers and donors centered around students as superheroes. From car magnets to billboards to real capes(!), we made sure #YUhero imagery was everywhere leading up to the big day. In 24 hours, we brought in $4.6M.

School Identities

We refreshed the graduate schools’ identities to be eye-catching, clean and contemporary.

Yeshiva University


Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration

Yeshiva University


Graduate School of Psychology

Yeshiva University


School of Social Work

Eye-catching infographics

Featured in Kiplinger magazine. Clear, concise school statistics.

Shield Campaign

With YU’s iconic shield logo as inspiration, we crafted a unique branding and advertising campaign. We superimposed a modern shield outline onto photos of the university’s students and faculty, surrounding them with relevant text to tell stories about areas in which YU excels.


Our team designed a set of fun, innovative brochures for YU’s Katz School of Science and Health. Each brochure got its own visual theme to reflect its unique appeal and focus.

Wall Street Journal Insert

The world’s most important and influential businesspeople and employers read the Wall Street Journal every day. Therefore, YU asked OffWhite to design an advertising pamphlet to be distributed with the newspaper that would highlight the university’s students and alumni to the world’s most enterprising employers.

A genuinely fun commencement

Commencement. The end of four tough years. These events have a tendency to become boring, drawn-out repeats of a day in the classroom. To remedy that, we designed retro banners, decals and memorabilia, down to the tones and typefaces, to make the whole event pop.

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